Architectural Internships

Join the one of the highly recommended and valued internship programs in architectural engineering. Get in touch industry architects and designers to explore the architectural technologies. Learn industry oriented tools like AutoCAD, 3DS Max , Sketchup, Revit Architecture etc.

Architectural Internship

CAD DESK becomes the best online and offline internship provider over years. Once again like always CAD DESK along with Creative Desk starts the internships for architectural students or other related streams. Students and learner shall be getting in touch with industry expert and instructor with online instructor led live lectures. Learners or students shall also be getting latest technology trainings to explore their career possibilities in architectural domain.

The latest technology trainings covered in internship programs

Architectural Plan/Design: Learn AutoCAD Arch for architectural drawings and layout planning.

3D Visualization: Learn 3DS Max, Revit Arch and Sketchup for 3D Visualization and get rendered your final output with VRay.

Architectural Internship Highlights

This internship course for architectural engineers designed by industry expert to meet the demands expected in the current civil and core industries. After completing internship or industrial training at CAD DESK students shall be completely familiar with architectural technologies and concepts and the use of tools like AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Sketch up, VRay etc.

  • Get in touch with industry trends
  • Discover and explore more about internship and industrial trainings
  • Real time internship projects
  • Tools or technology online trainings
  • Self-paced internship or industrial trainings video lectures
  • 100% job-oriented internship course contents along with live project
  • 30-120 flexible internship duration
  • Internship report or industrial training report
  • Update internship in CV or Resume

Eligible streams or branches ?

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

Internship or Industrial training duration

Short Terms internships

  • 30 Days/ 1 month/ 4 Week internship or industrial trainings
  • 45 Days/ 1.5 month/ 6 Week internship or industrial trainings

Long term internships

  • 60 Days/ 2 month/ 8 Week internship or industrial trainings
  • 90 Days/ 3 month/ 12 Week internship or industrial trainings
  • 120 Days/ 4 month/ 16 Week internship or industrial trainings


Benefits of internship at CAD DESK

Students shall be having a great experience in architectural engineering internship or industrial training program by getting in touch with industry experts. They will be able to gain or develop their knowledge in particular domain to become more specific for their career.

  • Getting in touch with industry experts
  • Apply your internship leanings at your workplace and live work environment
  • Create your own contacts with industry experts
  • Exploring different roles to see which one you would like to pursue
  • Getting insight into the way businesses work and what challenges they face on a daily basis
  • Gaining valuable work experience to set you apart from other candidates
  • Increases your job readiness by providing you skills and exposure in relevant areas.


Internship Session Details/Projects

–              At least 15+ instructor led live session for all internship programs

–              Assignments or practice sheets after each live session

–              Learn on your own pace with video-based internship programs

–              Industry oriented projects

–              Software or tools installation

–              Internship Training Report creation

–              Project Report creation


Who We Are?

CAD DESK along with IT DESK is India’s biggest training network training 20000+ Students every year, with 170+ operating centres PAN India. Apart from regular training, more than 5000 students successfully completed their online internships in the year 2020. Our certificates are widely accepted in the industries or reputed companies while having placement drive.

Highlights of our company

  • One of the best internship providers over the years
  • Internship by industry experts
  • 100+ online and offline internships
  • More than 5000 students successfully completed their internships in the year 2020. So, it’s highly valued.
  • The internship certificates are widely accepted in the industries or reputed companies while having placement drive.
  • Affordable and a nominal fee.


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1. What is internship?

An internship is short work experience programs offered by industries or companies to the students to get in touch with latest being used technologies and work environment. It is to explore more practical on different technologies. The interns get in touc with the industry expxet and learn under their guidance. The Internships can be paid or free or stipend basis.

CAD DESK Summer internships are typically minimum 30-120 days with 1hr/day instructors-lead live lectures and practical.

2. How to apply for internships?

Its easier to get register in CAD DESK internships. All you need to do is just send a WhatsApp message using link Or fill the enquiry form and our admission counsellor will get back to you soon to guide you best suit internships for you.

3. Why you need to get an CAD DESK internship?

Enrolling for CAD DEKS internships you will be getting following benefits

  • Internships at your own pace of learning
  • Get in touch with industry experts
  • Identify Your field of interest
  • CAD DESK Internships highly values and recommended by number of industry experts.
  • Connect with Industry and show your skills to them
  • Apply as an intern/fresher
  • Industry oriented learning programs
  • Attend the programme and gain your experience and knowledge as much as you can.

4. How long is an internship?

The internships programs are designed for all the students of engineering, diploma and management. Following duration based different internships have been started by CAD DESK along with IT Desk.

30 Days summer internships for mechanical

30 Days summer internships for Civil

30 Days summer internships for Electrical

30 Days summer internships for CS or IT

60 Days internships for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical

90 Days internship program for engineering students

120 Days internships programs

5. What are yearly Internships programs?

The internships programs are designed for all the students of engineering, diploma and management. Following students can enrol for the internships

Summer Internships for 2nd year students

Summer internships for 3rd Year students

Summer Internships for 4th Year students

Internships for 2nd sem students

Summer Internships for 4th sem/ 6th Sem/ 8th sem students

6. Can I apply for Job after internship?

Yes, you can apply for job in reputed companies or MNC’s. How ever CAD DESK may help or assist you after a successful evaluation of candidate.

7. What will be the mode of internship?

CAD DESK has been providing online and offline since a long time. Due to pandemic, we have launched the upgraded versions of internships that shall be completely online in mode.

8. How many hours in day should I attend?

The online internships programs shall be included with theory sessions as well practical application of tools. So minimum 1 hr per day basis classes shall be scheduled. The students learn from video-based internships as that shall be completely self-paced internships.

9. How can I get an internship with no experience?

These internships programs are designed for only engineering students who are moving ahead in their new year of engineering. 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year students can enrol themselves.

10. Are the internships are paid or how much do internships get paid?

Yes, these internships are designed by industry experts that will assist you get the jobs in future. CAD DESK internships are completely paid. However, we will be launching a few free or stipend basis internships.

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